‘Give me something I can feel' she said with thirst in her voice and an even hungrier look on her face. Give me something to remember' she whispered as her hands wandered around my thighs. She licked my neck and ears which sent shivers down my spine. I held her back for a moment to... Continue Reading →


Feminism or Femeanism?

After being one of the most controversial and used word in 2017, the word "feminism" is still not given attention the way it out to. I feel feminists are not given enough credit for their influence in society. The movement was introduced in the late 19th century which focused mainly on women having equal legal rights... Continue Reading →

Elegy of the green white green

 By slipperymind The labor of our heroes past has ended up in vain Cause the people we put in power are people whose minds are vain The money and the fame,the only reasons they came. Ancestors of the Green white green I'm sure you've been put to shame Crying in your graves,your children here are... Continue Reading →


By Tomiwa Gbaye(SLIPPERYMIND) Dear 90s kids,        Clarity not volume is what I require when you speak Equality not supremacy in this political disease  Getting heard and getting known  The choice is yours to pick To love and to be loved That's all mankind need. Lessons and regrets, It's all from the view... Continue Reading →


By Tomiwa Gbaye(SLIPPERYMIND) Dear 90s kids,      And what will you make Of the time you spend with loved ones ? And what will you give To the earth you came from? And what will you be After your years of education ? And what will you leave To they that succeed you? And... Continue Reading →


By Tomiwa Gbaye(slippeymind) Your eyes are telescope Take me farther than I could see  Your smile is my religion  Gives me hope when there's nothing to believe  Your words are like a lamp It sets light to my path  Your back is like a shield  It covers all my flaws  Your hands are like navigators  They... Continue Reading →


By Tomiwa Gbaye (SLIPPERYMIND) Back and forth like a swing set, Stranded,don't know what's next . An isolated pawn, cut off from the crowd. A lost child hoping to be found  Tried to blend in but the differences screamed out loud . Found strength from within, A lone wolf,a stone cold soldier For he tried... Continue Reading →


By Tomiwa Gbaye (Slipperymind) Beauty undiscovered, I long to stare all day  Could feel your energy from a mile away. Heat became stronger the closer you came, The seas calm down to have a gaze. Felt the warmth of your soul as it reflect on my face. I long to embrace, But you always leave,and... Continue Reading →


By Slipperyminds  Alone, Spring,summer,autumn leaves falling from the trees. Alone,scared of what love can do . Alone in fear  Drowning in tears Nobody cares. Alone , Movie nights Car drives Walks in the parks Alone, Sunny days Rainy nights Alone, Starring at the moonlight, Watching the sunrise, Alone Happy moments  Sad time  Alone.


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