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Free as the air that caresses your skin,free as the word itself “free•dom. Dumb to ever think you’re actually free,tied to family,cuffed to society,entangled in your own thoughts and chained to responsibilities. We’ll never be free from our demons. Thoughts we can’t share, even with the man in the mirror,so we won’t be seen as demons we really are.
They say running is for cowards,but sometimes we all want to run,free  from it all.from loved ones and bad blood. Away from all the drama and trauma,away from the hip hop and and rap,to where there’s classic music and jazz,away from the city life and traffic lights ,away from all the politics to the other side, a place where the grass is actually greener and your soul feels free. A destination that only exists in the mind. A mind free to think,free to be free .So think again,looking beyond what you can see, beyond your racist believe,are you really free ?


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