By slipperyminded
 I gathered the courage like coins under my couch and said straight to her eyes
“I’m attracted to you 
I Want to know if you feel the same.
Do I make you want to sin
Do I give you a reason to live
Do I make your heart beat 
Do I make you dream 
Just like you make me?”
Looking into her eyes ,I already had my answer
We’ve hid behind so many lies
Till we took our clothes off and found the naked truth.
Are these the words of a song?
Or lines from a movie?
Whispering softly into her ears I said “Novacane baby,sex on drugs lets do it Novacane ”
Reaching for the clouds with a smile on my face
I think I like what I’ve become
I felt it from the start
Surfing through the clouds,I got struck by a star
What just happened? 
I think I just felt the stars
I think I’m baptized .


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