Waiting for a taxi by the phone booth

Thinking of the wreck my life has turned to

Wanted to make a call but no one to turn to

Drowning in thoughts till a man came by 

He walked into the phone booth and began to talk

On more chance he said please give me one more chance,I promise to treat you better ,I love you. He lamented for a while and walked away in tears.

Then came a woman whose clothes I qualify as rags.

She walked into in the phone booth and said in anguish “come home you son of a bitch. The kids are hungry,the rent is due. Who’s gonna pay the bills,I can’t do this no more she said as tears ran down her face,she sobbed  and walked away.

Then another man approached.confused,going through his pocket like a dog in search of a bone.he said in distress”I knew I had it here,nooo!that was my last penny,I can’t loose it”,he began to cry before got to the booth.he searched his pocket a little longer and walk away with his face down .

My life’s not that bad I said to myself as a smile sank to the top of my face. Taxi! taxi! I exclaimed saying “I’ve had enough for tonight “. 


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