Feminism or Femeanism?

  • After being one of the most controversial and used word in 2017, the word “feminism” is still not given attention the way it out to. I feel feminists are not given enough credit for their influence in society. The movement was introduced in the late 19th century which focused mainly on women having equal legal rights as men. The movement has brought about a major breakthrough for women in today’s society, breaking the seal of gender inequality and oppression.

The law as at today in most sane countries are in full support of women taking societal and civic roles if seen fit by the law. But I still believe feminism is not given credit for the terrible effect it has on society especially on the younger generations. There are people-femeanists; a mean person(usually women) with psychological and emotional issues due to unpleasant experiences with men:mostly rape victims and physiologically and physical abused persons that circulate bad comments and hatred about men and pass themselves as feminists. They come in form of social media accounts  and public figures with the aim of empowering women and young girls but only talk about how bad men are. They’re responsible for the gradual change in orientation of women concerning men which directly or indirectly affects society as an ecosystem.

Feminism has impacted society in so many ways which leaves me with the question to feminists all over the world … Feminism or femenism, Which do you preach?



5 thoughts on “Feminism or Femeanism?

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  1. Wow! This is enough to send any reasonable minded person into a train of thoughts, as well as to challenge the grounds on which the feminists out there stand. Very well constructed, the writer has great potential!


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