‘Give me something I can feel’ she said with thirst in her voice and an even hungrier look on her face. Give me something to remember’ she whispered as her hands wandered around my thighs. She licked my neck and ears which sent shivers down my spine. I held her back for a moment to take a look at what I was getting into. She had sad bright eyes like a puppy dog and irresistible lips which could put any man in trance. Her soft hands grazed against my bare chest and settled on my waist as she kissed my nipples. I never knew I could feel things from there. She progressed slowly with the kisses, slowly going on her knees as she went lower, and lower. Deep down, part of my conscience wondered how her husband would feel.
Three months ago Mr. and Mrs. Lawal moved into the mansion next to my home. They were the type of neighbors my mom wished for. Quiet and peaceful neighbors. Except for sometimes when they’d argue. Their marriage felt inappropriate as Mr. lawal was way older than his twenty four years old wife. She looked like a model. I helped them unpack and subsequently mowed their lawn and ran errands for money. sometimes watch them argue.
At noon everyday, she’d come out to the yard and read a book and sometimes take a dive in the pool. That was pretty much all she did. `What a waste of a body’ I’d always say to myself. Her husband was almost never around. She felt like a princess locked in a castle. She got lonely most days and got drunk and sober almost every night. One night, my eyes caught her through the window as she slowly undressed. I couldn’t help but stare. It felt like a performance. Almost as if she knew I was watching.
A car alarm suddenly went off. She caught me staring. She immediately pulled down the curtain. ‘shit, I’m gonna get in trouble’ I thought.
The next day she called me into her room.
‘have a drink with me’ she said as she poured from a bottle of whiskey to two glasses.
‘ sorry ma, I don’t drink’ I responded with a smile.
‘ aren’t you a man?’ she said with a silky soft tone.
I cleared my throat and picked the glass as I gulped it all at once.
She giggled. ‘you can leave now’ she said after sizing me up with her eyes. She walked away to the bathroom. I let out a deep sigh of relief after and walked to the door. then I heard a cling.
‘see you tomorrow Tobi’ I heard her soft voice. She smiled at me through a slight opening in the door. I nodded . I walked out of the room with my heart beating like it was about to explode. I saw her breasts.
Later at night she was undressing. And dancing. ‘what if she knows I’m watching? ‘ I thought all night.
The next day, she called me to her room. ‘again’ I thought. This time there were already two glasses set.
`drink’ she said in her compelling voice.
I obeyed. This time I took it slow. I was enjoying it.
`I saw you yesterday Tobi’ she said casually.
I spat most of the drink on my shirt
`don’t you know I’m married? ‘ she asked as she raised a brow.
The room suddenly felt hot and tense. I didn’t know what to say.
`I said don’t you know I’m married? ‘ she asked again. This time with a harsh tone as she moved close to me.
`y-yes-s-s I do’ I said with a shaky voice, nodding my head in fear.
‘do you think I’m beautiful? ‘ she asked expectantly.
I nodded with my lips folded in my mouth.
She smiled and sighed shortly afterwards.
‘I need a massage Tobi’ she said as she undressed.
I nodded again, stupidly.
I gave her massages, tender how she liked it. I sat by the pool with her and even read to her when she wanted me to. It felt like I was being used, but I sought of enjoyed what we did over time.
One night, I heard voices from her place. Like two people were arguing. I heard glass break too. The noise stopped after a while. Then we heard her cry. I felt like I should have protected her. I cried to bed that night.
Before dawn he had left. I went to her place as early as I could. Her eyes were red. She had cried all night.
`we’re moving Tobi’ she said.
My heart sank. I didn’t know what to say, I had never been in this position but I knew I didn’t want her to leave.
`do you love me?’ she asked whispering softly under her breath.
I thought about my answer. She was the closest thing to love I ever felt.
`do you want me Tobi’ she asked seductively, moving closer as she said each word.
I wanted her. yes I did. But even more, I wanted her to stay.
`do you want me Tobi’ she asked again, holding my hands.
I nodded.
‘then take me’ she said as she slowly took off her dress. I took of my shirt too
`give me something I can feel’ she said `give me something to remember.’


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